“The only problem I have with Greg is that I haven’t discovered something he can’t make awesome. Voiceover? Pitch-perfect performance, every time. Original Music? Uncanny ability to focus on the story he’s scoring to make sure the music makes the story whole. Dependability and turnaround time? Unmatched. I wish I needed a plane, so I could have Greg build one for me. He’d probably kick butt at that too.”
Chris Cook
Creative Director
Epipheo, Inc.

“Greg is a pleasure to work with. He’s fast, flexible and he consistently delivers professional quality work.”
Andrew Follett
Founder & CEO

“Greg is a dynamic voice talent. His range and command are impressive. He is a pleasure to work with, always quick to produce and a great sport when it comes to tweaks.”
Stephan Vandenbroucke
Project Manager